Sometimes, the best ideas have come about in a dream, while at other times, necessity has truly proven itself to be the mother of invention. The latter proved to be true for Marcus Weller, as he crashed into the back of a car while he was riding a motorcycle in Barcelona years ago, having shifted the attention of his eyes to a road sign from the road a short while earlier. In a dream down the road, he saw those road signs as though they were floating in front of him like a hologram, and he didn’t crash this time around.

Weller shared, “It was an exact flashback dream of that experience. But the important difference was I wasn’t looking around for street signs and trying to figure out where I was going because I had these GPS maps and they were floating out in front of me like a hologram. I’m going down the road and because I am looking forward I see the car break and I swerved around it and I didn’t get into the accident. That woke me up out of a dead sleep and I sat up in bed and I had goose bumps and I was like ‘that is going to save peoples’ lives.”

Hence, the birth of the Skully AR-1 helmet – a smart motorcycle helmet that will feature a powerful on board computer and a heads-up display that has been specially built into the visor, allowing the rider to see all around him, blind spots included. The helmet will synchronize with a smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity, enabling the likes of hands-free calling, GPS navigation, and music streaming without having you remove your eyes from off the road, and shipping has already begun to buyers so that said buyers have a new ‘toy’ to play with this Christmas – slightly more than a year after pre-orders for it were open.

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