poc-helmetWhen you get involved in sports that have high risk of injury, having the right equipment would go a long way in minimizing such risks, and even the possibility of death. Take rock or gym climbing for example – it pays to have a good pair of harness and climbing shoes so that each step that you take will be an assured one, while your harness help you remain safe in the event of a slip or mis-step. A helmet would also come in handy, too, but how many of us conduct periodic checks on our equipment just in case they pose a danger to us when used? How about a ‘smart skiing ‘helmet like the Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS helmet from POC that has a bunch of stress sensors integrated to help it measure the amount of damage it has sustained to date, informing you that it is no longer safe to wear?

This is definitely a cool idea, as it functions as yet another possible failsafe or warning system to us humans. After all, we do take things for granted once in a while, thinking that it “will not happen to me” only to find out otherwise. Let this built-in warning system be the last line of defense, so to speak, and do make use of your common sense as well. If you see a crack on the helmet without receiving any warnings so far, it could be due to faulty sensors, so do the necessary and wear a new helmet the next time you head out to ski.

After all, it pays to be pro-active and vigilant, and don’t make the mistake of ignoring whatever warning messages that are emitted by the Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS helmet. After all, when it comes to safety equipment, the following rule should always apply – when in doubt, don’t. Just get a new helmet and you’re good to go. The Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS helmet will be on sale this autumn onwards for £289.

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