invisible-bike-helmetIf your commute to work is just a few blocks down the road, driving does not make much sense, and walking would take a whole lot more time than it is worth, making the bicycle one of the most cost effective modes of transport to get around. This is even more pronounced if you live in a suburb, and most shops and stores are close by. The thing is, riding a bicycle will also offer you health benefits of exercise, not to mention making the world a whole lot greener since there are no carbon emissions to worry about. You do have to take the necessary precautions in getting around on a bicycle, and that would include wearing a helmet and a safety jacket under low light conditions.

The Hövding helmet gets the job done, where it does not mess up your hair, and is good for only one use in the event of an accident, as it relies on a bunch of accelerometers and gyroscopes in order to detect typical motions which happen during an accident. Upon doing so, it will release a gas inflator that fills up a nylon airbag with helium to protect your head so that it can deploy in approximately 0.1 seconds. Do you think that is fast enough to offer protection in the event of an accident? We did talk about it a year ago, so here are additional details on it. Assuming you have come out for the better after an accident where the Hövding helmet has been deployed, do contact them. Within the collar lies a black box which records 10 seconds of data on your movement patterns from an accident. Select insurance companies do cover part of the expense when it comes to a new Hövding after an accident, so do give your insurance company a holler to see how they deal with it.

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