We have seen our fair share of action cams in the past before, where these were meant to be attached to your helmet in order to record whatever crazy stunt you are involved in at that particular moment, but here is C-Preme, a company that carries the hopes of transforming the concept of “helmet cam” by integrating a high definition video camera into an action sports helmet – the first of its kind in the market. The C-Preme BULT helmet as it is called is a CPSC- and ASTM-certified helmet which does away with the hassles of mounted cameras, doing away with unwanted additional weight and imbalance without making you look awkward along the way.

BULT is proud to be the first fully integrated action sports video helmet, where you can record, download and share your high-quality videos in a jiffy. C-Preme’s Videohead Technology boasts of an HD 720 progressive scan camera (1280 X 720 resolution @ 30 fps) with a 120 degree wide angle lens as well as the ability to capture 5-megapixel stills, there is also a four-way adjustable lens, a simplified two-button design for “power” and “record,” an on/off indicator light and USB connectivity that allows you to upload and share video.

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