Apple Eyeing New Display Technology From Innolux [Rumor]

Rumor has it that Apple might soon replace its in-cell touch panel display in exchange for a better one for its next-generation iPhone. According to The China Times, Apple is eyeing on the display technology of Innolux. Innolux, officially called Chimei Innolux Corporation, is a Taiwanese TFT-LCD panel manufacturer that has long been a supplier for Apple. The Chinese publication reports that Innolux’s display technology, called “Touch On Display,” is currently being considered by Apple. The China Times says that Apple’s current in-cell technology has “interference problems” which causes touch sensitivity issues.

On the other hand, Innolux’s Touch On Display (TOD) reportedly offers a “good” touch sensitivity and minimal thickness. It’s important to note that this is merely a rumor that has to be confirmed. So far, neither Apple nor Innolux is confirming the report. The next iPhone might be just around the corner. It was not so long ago when a purported iPhone 5S casing was leaked by a French technology website. We’re even hearing reports that Apple is already testing an iPhone 6. Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White also believes that Apple will release an iPhone 5S soon, that will feature more color options and will arrive in two sizes.

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Key SpecsiPhone 6iPhone 5siPhone 5
Display Diagonal4.7"4"4"
Processor/Soc NameA8, 2-core, 1.4 GHzA7, 2-core, 1.3 GHzA6, 2-core, 1.3 GHz
Street Price (Approx)~ $445
Search low iPhone 6 price (Amazon)
~ $275
Search low iPhone 5s price (Amazon)
~ $215
Search low iPhone 5 price (Amazon)
Max. Total Storage Capacity128 GB64 GB64 GB
Megapixels8 MP8 MP8 MP
Battery Capacity (mAh)1810 mAh1560 mAh1440 mAh
Complete product dataApple iPhone 6 Full specs and detailsApple iPhone 5s Full specs and detailsApple iPhone 5 Full specs and details

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