Living in New Jersey, I can tell you we experience every season to the extreme as our winters are freezing and our summers are red-hot. So no matter what time of year it is, if it isn’t spring or fall, then I won’t ever want to leave my apartment. But when I do, the lower the amount of time I’m actually outside of my home, the better it’ll be for myself and the crazy people who actually talk me into going outside. If I was technologically advanced, I could probably set up a jailbroken iPhone to start my car for me without needing to spend my money on a remote ignition, just like this genius did in the following story.

The SMS Remote Starter is a hack Will O’Brien came up with that uses your iPhone, which is hopefully an old model as we can’t imagine having your current iPhone sitting in your car all the time. With a combination of a jailbroken iPhone, an Arduino, an iPhone breakout board and some other components, he was able to get his car started just by sending an SMS.

If you have an old iPhone lying around and want to try this hack out for yourself, then you’re encouraged to visit O’Brien’s website where he breaks down the entire experience to show you how exactly you could do it, too.

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