Twitter is in the process of testing a new advertising functionality through Twitter Cards. If successful, this may give direct marketers a process to generate leads directly from tweets.

A tweet on twitter displays the functionality in action. Promoting the Twitter small business guide, users logged into Twitter are given a “Get it now” button, which once pressed, displays a message saying “Twitter Advertising will reach you soon”. Users are not asked for their private information like a phone number or email address, which would suggest the user might be contacted on twitter itself.

The functionality is based on Twitter Cards. This functionality is used to add external media into tweets. Since Twitter is in the process of testing the functionality, it is possible that the information might change, or the functionality might not work and might get discarded. However the functionality does look good for advertisers. Advertisers will be able to deliver their message directly to people, and will get feedback directly, instead of having to check other platforms. However, this along with any form of advertisement, might not be received well by users of Twitter.

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