google-glass-8000-winnersGoogle Glass certainly lent an air to an overactive imagination when it was first revealed to the world at last year’s Google I/O, although Google Glass is far from a finished product back then. Nearly a year down the road, you are still unable to walk up to any store and make a purchase of Google Glass, but you know for sure that something big seems to be heading in our direction as more and more news filters out concerning this pair of video spectacles. The latest bit is sure to have all you patriots smiling nicely, where it seems that Google Glass could very well be manufactured in the USA.

Hopefully this bit of information would not spell an early demise of Google Glass even before it hits the market, considering how the Google Nexus Q, was unceremoniously declared to be no longer available earlier in the year. It seems that Google intends to churn out their Google Glass at the Foxconn plant that is located right next door to Mountainview in Santa Clara, California, with the idea behind that being a close physical proximity to monitor the initial production run.

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