The Google Nexus Q which was announced at the Google I/O conference last year, did bring a flicker of hope to the US manufacturing sector just for a while as it is proudly made in the USA, but I guess any kind of optimism would be stamped out upon hearing this bit of news. The Google Play product page for the Nexus Q is now labeled with “This device is no longer available for sale”, just half a year after being in existence. It certainly sounds as though all the nails in the Nexus Q’s coffin has been hammered in tight, lending an air of finality to the entire situation.

Did you ever feel as though the Nexus Q felt more like a proof of concept compared to being an actual product? Sure, the idea of the concept was rather believable, being an Android-powered media device which had the ability to stream content, boasting an integrated 25W amp, HDMI out connectivity and being controlled by a group. Do you think it would have seen a far lower price tag compared to the $299 sticker price if it were to be manufactured in China instead?

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