samsung-logoSo we have heard that Samsung and LG are at each other’s throats these days. Considering that both South Korean brands are in the same business, i.e. home appliances, televisions, computer displays, and smartphones, it is not surprising that they would eventually clash over legal issues.

While LG is looking into the possibility of Samsung allegedly infringing upon their patent for the Smart Pause video feature on the Galaxy S4, Samsung on the other hand has sued LG, claiming that LG has “diminished” their brand and tarnishing the company’s image by running advertisements that are wrong.

The feud is over an advertisement LG released last year for a refrigerator that LG claims has the largest capacity. Samsung countered this by releasing a YouTube video of their own showing the difference. LG countered them by asking for a 10 billion won compensation, and ran new ads against Samsung. Samsung is now asking LG for 50 billion won (~$45 million) in damages over this matter.

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