With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung has to be feeling pleased with itself. After all they have launched one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2013, regardless whether some of you think it was a complete bust or the next best thing. Sitting down in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, newly appointed co-CEO of Samsung Electronics, JK Shin, was asked about Samsung’s relationship with Microsoft, and if Samsung had begun to work closely with the Redmond company after seeing what Nokia has been doing.

Interesting Shin had this to say about Microsoft’s smartphones and tablets, which is that they aren’t selling very well. Shin also went on to state that over in Europe, there is lackluster demand for Windows-based products, which we guess could have explained why Samsung decided to pull the plug on the ATIV Tab Windows RT in Europe. We guess this isn’t all too surprising, after all Samsung hasn’t exactly been in the forefront when it comes to Windows Phone devices, and the pulling of the ATIV Tab seems to indicate that the South Korean manufacturer might have less faith in the Windows platform that we were led to believe.

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