The reason why some people have a particular café or bar they patron is because of the bartender or barista who are able to get their orders right. This is why a robot bartender would make perfect sense since the measurements of drinks will be precise right to the drop, thus cocktails that are too diluted or too heavy on the alcohol will no longer be an issue. If you love the idea of an automated bartender, then the Bartendro Kickstarter project might be worth taking a look at. The folks behind the project have been hard at work trying to perfect their system, and after two years it seems like they have a product that can be sold to the masses, although they are currently seeking funding in order to do so.

Built by a company called Party Robotics, the Bartendro is built using peristaltic pumps, custom electronic dispenser boards, food grade tubing and will be powered by a Raspberry Pi system. The Bartendro is said to be able to dispense drinks in under 10 seconds, a time which we’re guessing only the most accomplished mixologists will be able to achieve. So how much will it cost for you to own the Bartendro? Well for $249, you will be able to get yourself a Shotbot which dispenses shots from a single bottle. For those more ambitious, a price of $2,499 will net you the full Bartendro that can handle up to 15 bottles at once, although it will require you to attach a smartphone or tablet in order to instruct it on what to do. If you’d like to learn more, head on to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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