Foursquare has become one of the most widely used services for checking in to all kinds of locations. It is also used to keeping an eye on the places where your friends might be hanging out. To date the service has been used for over 3.5 billion check ins, needless to say that Foursquare’s user-base encompasses the entire globe. Today Foursquare 6.0 update for iOS and Android was released and it greatly revamps the service’s Explore engine, used for recommendations.

The biggest change one can see is up top, where the Foursquare logo has been replaced by new search box that invites users to ‘Explore nearby’, and also features a much better auto-complete engine. The main feed now shows recommendations, places that are trending and friends that are nearby. Previously it only used to be a list of friends. The new app will immediately show users nearby friends and most interesting places around them. Recommendations will be based on the what’s popular at the moment, user’s familiarity with the neighborhood they’re in and the time of day. The check-in button has been moved to the bottom, it previously used to be in the top right corner. The iOS and Android versions are now available for download.

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