Every day, we’re bombarded with spam that promises to make us rich, famous and well-endowed. A new scam promising “free Xbox points” seems to be circulating, which we think is the first time such a scam has even popped up.

According to Microsoft, the scam is circulating in hopes people will fall for the promise of free Microsoft points to help celebrate the company’s 38th anniversary this week. Microsoft commented on the scam through the company’s official Facebook page. “Please do not respond to [the scam],” it said in the post. “There won’t be free Xbox points for the occasion, but we hope you’ll celebrate with us nonetheless!”

We know the promise of free things gets people worked up into a frenzy, but when it comes to things like this, we always recommend you be a bit skeptical before you accept it must be true. In this case, if you received an email that said “free Xbox points,” we just hope you’re aware enough to realize the term is actually Microsoft Points.

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