internet_explorer_security_holeRemember the early days of web browsers/ Netscape Navigator proved to be hands-down the winner, the 800lbs gorilla among the crowd, but eventually, it resembled more of a dinosaur and went extinct rather than thrive like mammals. According to analysts over at Net Applications have come up with a rather startling and interesting conclusion, that around the world, Microsoft’s different versions of Internet Explorer still remain the most widely used web browser among PC owners. StatCounter, however, says otherwise, touting that Google’s Chrome is top dog in the world of PC web browsers.

How did Net Applications and StatCounter arrive at their respective conclusions? Well, they too, cast a glance at the big picture where recording browser use is concerned. Based on a survey of 7,295 IT workers, it seems that the firm Internet Explorer still commands a market share of 40.2% in businesses, while Google’s Chrome remains some ways behind at 27.9%, with Firefox in third place at 25.4% and Apple’s Safari web browser far down the rungs at fourth with a mere 1.8%. Quick, take a glance at all the cubicles in your office, which web browser version are they using?

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