Recently Microsoft pushed out an update to Internet Explorer where it was meant to patch a security flaw within the browser that would have given hackers remote access to the user’s computer. Unfortunately it seems that the patch had an unintended side-effect which has resulted in some Lenovo laptops being unable to boot up after the patch.

According to Microsoft, “After installing KB4467691, Windows may fail to startup on certain Lenovo laptops that have less than 8 GB of RAM.” The company adds, “Microsoft is working with Lenovo and will provide an update in an upcoming release.” It is unclear how long it will take for a fix to be released, or better yet, how will Microsoft be able to fix it considering that the laptops are unable to be booted up.

There is a good chance that this could require users to send their laptops in to get it fixed, but we can’t say with certainty until Microsoft releases more details. In the meantime if you do own a Lenovo laptop with less than 8GB of RAM, maybe you might want to consider holding off on updating your laptop until the issue can be fixed.

However we imagine that this could be quite a difficult thing to ask because one option means leaving your computer being exposed to hijacking attacks, or the other option which could potentially render your laptop unusable.

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