Now that Edge has become more or less the default browser on Windows computers, Microsoft would obviously love if more users to use it. There are obvious improvements made to Edge that make it a better choice over Internet Explorer, but we understand that some users might simply be too used to using IE and might be stubbornly keeping to it.

However, it turns out that soon IE users might not have a choice. This is because according to a report from ZDNet, it appears that Microsoft will be forcing IE users to open some links in Edge. It might sound a bit nefarious but in reality, it’s meant to help users have a better web browsing experience.

As a lot of websites are designed with Google’s Chromium platform in mind, some websites might have some compatibility issues when users try to use a different browser like IE. So what happens is that when users use IE to visit a website, Microsoft then checks it against a list of sites that are known to have compatibility issues.

If it does, the website will then be launched in Edge instead. The list is home to over 1,000 websites and includes popular ones such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, and so on.

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