atomAre you one of the new generation office drones who love nothing better than to cycle to work? Not only do you get to work out along the way, it also helps reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions, not to mention help keep more vehicles of the road. Well, cyclists too, like normal motorists, might venture into unfamiliar territory once in a while, which is why they too, have GPS devices to help them out. The thing is, what happens when you run out of juice before you arrive at your destination? This is where portable power packs come in handy, but those can be quite messy to tote around. Enter Siva Cycle and their Atom, which is a tiny generator and battery pack which can be mounted onto the frame of a bicycle, and Siva Cycle hopes to make the Atom a reality via Kickstarter.

The Atom sports a USB port that enables devices to be juiced using their standard cables, where the power output would remain the same as that of a computer’s USB power jack, so, theoretically, it works just like a desktop computer juicing up your device, although you would be getting somewhere while doing so this time around. The Atom is different from your regular dynamo, as it relies on a magnetic rotor that has been mounted on the actual hub of the bicycle wheel in order to generate electricity, all without causing additional drag on the wheel, now how about that?

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