Some people have misconceptions that tech companies are all about money, that all they do is churn out new products every quarter to maximize their earnings. Many big companies are involved in social not-for-profit projects, its their way of “giving back.” As we all know that China’s Sichuan province was rocked by a massive earthquake on Saturday, to aid affectees of this calamity, many big tech companies are donating money. These companies include arch rivals Apple and Samsung.

Sichuan province was hit by the earthquake on Saturday morning, it resulted in over 11,000 people being injured, more than 100,000 becoming homeless and some 200 passing away. Companies from around the world are donating money to aid relief efforts, around $32 million has been collectively donated up till now. Samsung China pledged $9.7 million, Apple has pledged $8 million, Foxconn $8 million, Dell China $323,000, Asus $485,000 and Microsoft China pledged $161,000. It is nice to see that these companies are helping out people that have been struck by this natural disaster. Hopefully more companies will get on board soon, this would greatly aid in rehabilitation of the Sichuan earthquake affectees.

[Image via CNN]

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