liddup_cooler-1Don’t you just hate it when it’s at night and the party is going on and you head on over to the cooler for a drink, but unfortunately due to the lack of sufficient lighting, you have to fish around the cooler several times to find the drink you want? Granted this probably isn’t a problem for most people, but for the sake of novelty and we guess maybe even mood lighting, a Kickstarter project for an LED-embedded cooler, dubbed the LiddUp Cooler, might be of interest to some. As the description above might have already given it away, the LiddUp Cooler is basically your typical cooler with LED lights embedded it in.

As you can see in the photo above, this will not only provide guests with some illumination on the drinks they are taking, but looks like it would go great with rave parties with neon sticks and neon armbands are aplenty. Its creators Jayson Sandberg and Taylor Gwiazdon have apparently gone through over 200 prototypes in their effort to create a cooler design that will be able to provide over 40 hours of continuous light from a single removable 9-volt battery.

The cooler, unsurprisingly, will be both waterproof and shockproof, meaning that it will be able withstand being taken on the road on hikes and camping trips. Apart from the party potential, its creators have also suggested that it could be of use to relief agencies such as FEMA and the Red Cross who might need the light while working off-grid. The LiddUp Cooler is seeking funding via a Kickstarter campaign and $79 will land you one of these bad boys upon successful funding and production.

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