dropbox-yahooA company that used to be the darling and poster boy of tech, Yahoo!, might not be of the same size as well as having a similar level of clout as with the past, but is still large enough of an entity to create headlines when required. From what we do know, Yahoo! Mail have worked with Dropbox in order to make life a whole lot easier for road warriors. This new Yahoo! partnership with Dropbox is said to make life easier whenever you want to send, receive and manage attachments in Yahoo! Mail to your mates.

So high is the interest on this particular partnership between Dropbox and Yahoo! Mail, that it would be folly to play Judas. This apparent integration on the cloud is tipped to let you share additional files in more or less a dummy-proof setup, and since these files are safely stashed away in your Dropbox account that will remain online round the clock, barring a terrible natural disaster that spells the end of all land lines in the country. You can pick up the app in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, now how about that for a warm welcome after a long day out at the office?

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