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Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are two iconic Silicon Valley men known all around the world for their talents and their success. Microsoft and Apple are both billion dollar empires that have their specific set of products used and loved by millions across the globe. Much has already been written and told about the relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The latter’s biography told much about it as well. Recently in an interview with CBS’s 60 minutes, Bill Gates spoke of visiting Steve Jobs at his home during his final days, where they talked about their families as well as whatever they had learned over the course of their lives.

Bill said that Jobs had a sense of design that he wished he had, the sense that made Jobs a firm believer that “everything had to fit a certain aesthetic.” Under the deceased CEOs leadership, Apple released products with phenomenal design such as the iPad 2, the iPhone 4 and the iPod. Bill agrees design leads in a good direction, and good products are a result of that. Bill also praised Steve’s sense for marketing, saying that “He had an intuitive sense for marketing that was amazing.” Only recently we heard Gates say that iPad users were frustrated with it, while that seemed like a pitch for Microsoft’s Surface tablet, this interview reveals a bit about the personal connection between these tech titans. The full interview can be viewed here.

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