Seiko, a popular Japanese watch maker, has joined forces with a Tokyo-based retailer called Nano Universe to sell the “Steve Jobs watch,” that’s what its Chariot series watches came to be known after it was worn by the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in a 1984 portrait shot by Norman Seeff that made it to the cover of Time Magazine. The company has confirmed that it’s going to sell this watch once again albeit in limited quantities.

The Seiko Chariot is a very simple watch with a Quartz movement. There’s nothing more to it than its simplicity and perhaps that’s what compelled Steve Jobs to own one. Had it not been worn by the late Apple co-founder and CEO, the Chariot would most likely be a distant memory by now.

It isn’t, though, because Steve Jobs was wearing this watch for a portrait shot that ended up being the cover of Time Magazine. That’s a pretty big deal. The photo shows Jobs sitting in his California house that famously had little furniture with a Macintosh on his lap.

The original Chariot that was owned by Jobs was sold by his estate for $42,500 in February last year. Seiko is now re-releasing the Chariot in its original 33mm size as well as in a slightly larger 37.5mm size to appeal to more modern tastes.

It’s going to sell 1,982 units with a white face and an additional 300 with a black face. It’s going to be priced at ¥20,000 or just around $180. The only caveat here is that this watch will be exclusively released in Japan so either you’ll have to fly there to ask someone to get it for you if you really want one.

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