For most people, a job application is nothing more than a piece of paper that they fill out in hopes of securing a new job. However, that piece of paper can come to hold historical significance if it’s linked to an influential figure and can also hold immense monetary value. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see that a job application filled out by deceased Apple co-founder Steve Jobs back in 1973 has hit the auction block for $50,000.

An auction company called RR Auction has the 1973 job application from Steve Jobs up for grabs. It’s taking bids for the item until March 15th and the current bid stands at $50,000.

The document was filled out by the 18 year old Jobs by hand with Reed College as his address and English literature as his major. It also mentions, rather ironically in light of events that would take place a few decades later, that Jobs doesn’t have a phone.

The job application also mentions his brief stint at Hewlett Packard and that his special abilities include “electronics tech or design engineer” with a special interest in “digital.”

Little did the world know at that time that Steve Jobs would come to revolutionize the tech industry as we know it. Only three years after he filled out this job application he started Apple Computer alongside Steve Wozniak and the rest, as they say, is history.

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