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1973 Job Application By Steve Jobs Being Auctioned For $50,000
For most people, a job application is nothing more than a piece of paper that they fill out in hopes of securing a new job. However, that piece of paper can come to hold historical significance if it’s linked to an influential figure and can also hold immense monetary value. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see that a job application filled out by deceased Apple co-founder Steve Jobs back in […]

Apple Can't Do Anything About An Italian Company Calling Itself Steve Jobs
Brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato were in the process of launching their clothing and accessory brand in Italy when they discovered that Apple had never trademarked the name of its co-founder and ex-CEO Steve Jobs. So in 2012 they decided to call their clothing company Steve Jobs. A lawsuit from Apple predictably came calling but after a multi-year legal battle, they’ve won the right to call their company Steve Jobs.

BMW Z8 Owned By Steve Jobs To Fetch $400,000 At Auction
Items of historical significance or association with highly regarded people tend to fetch insane amounts when they’re auctioned. Take this BMW Z8 convertible for example. It was once owned by Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. It’s going to be auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York this December. The car is expected to fetch up to $400,000 at the auction.

Steve Jobs Didn't Like Genius Bars At Apple Stores Initially
If there’s one thing that you’ll always find at an Apple Store no matter where you are in the world, it’s the Genius Bar. It has become an integral part of the Apple retail experience. Customers can book a time with a Genius when they need some help with their Apple device or just want to get it repaired. It certainly makes life so much easier. However, according to a […]


Seiko Steve Jobs Watch Will Be Sold In Limited Quantities
Seiko, a popular Japanese watch maker, has joined forces with a Tokyo-based retailer called Nano Universe to sell the “Steve Jobs watch,” that’s what its Chariot series watches came to be known after it was worn by the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in a 1984 portrait shot by Norman Seeff that made it to the cover of Time Magazine. The company has confirmed that it’s going to sell this watch […]

Steve Jobs' First Apple Stock Certificate Goes On Sale
Would you like to own a piece of tech history? Be warned, though, you’re going to need a lot of disposable income to acquire this piece. The first Apple Stock certificate awarded to none other than co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs has now gone on sale for a cool $195,000. You’re essentially going to be paying this hefty sum for a piece of paper, granted that it has a lot […]

A Musical About Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Is Coming To Broadway
The story of the advancement of technology can not be written without mentioning Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Both have played an instrumental role in shaping technology’s role in our lives and surely they will both go on to live in history for centuries. They also had quite the rivalry back in the day, and while several movies have been made to show that, there’s a musical coming to broadway […]

Steve Jobs Thought About Apple Making A Car Back In 2008
Over the past few months it has been rumored again and again that Apple is considering making a car, a product that the company has never made before, it would be entering an industry that’s significantly different than the one it has been operating in for decades. Apparently the company didn’t just decide one day that it should build a car, Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs actually thought about […]

Steve Jobs Movie Flops At The Box Office
Ever since the official biography of Steve Jobs came out a couple of years ago it was said that a movie based on that account will be released at some point in the future. Back in 2013 another Steve Jobs movie was released, titled Jobs it starred Ashton Kutcher as the late Apple co-founder and CEO, but it opened to $6.7 million and flopped at the box office. The highly […]

Steve Jobs Film Second Trailer Now Out
Earlier this year, the new Steve Jobs movie case was confirmed, not to mention shortly after that, the film’s release date has also been set with October 9th in mind. Well, what is the whole point of having a movie when there are no trailers to whet the appetite, right? Behold, what you see above would be the second trailer for the Steve Jobs film, where it depicts conflicts over […]

First Steve Jobs Movie Trailer Shows Fassbender In Form
The Steve Jobs biopic has been in the pipeline for far too long but a few months back the cast was finalized and production went underway, which is why we’re now seeing the first official trailer of the new Steve Jobs movie. It aims to provide a glimpse of the deceased Apple co-founder and CEO’s life during different stages, during his triumphs and defeats. Michael Fassbender is portraying Steve Jobs in this movie […]

First Look Of Steve Jobs Movie Is Here, Michael Fassbender In The Lead
Finally, the teaser of the much-awaited Steve Jobs biopic has been released by the Universal Studios. The flick has been directed by the Slumdog Millionaire fame Danny Boyle. The movie has Michael Fassbender essaying the role of Apple’s cofounder, the 38-year old actor can be seen portraying Steve Jobs trademark style of denims paired with turtle neck t-shirt.

Steve Jobs Movie Screenplay Leaked
People who didn’t quite like the Ashton Kutcher starring biopic on Steve Jobs didn’t lose hope because it was common knowledge that another movie on the Apple co-founder was already in the pipeline and this one was based on his official biography by Walter Isaacson. The new movie finally entered production a couple of months ago after getting stuck in limbo at its old studio. Universal picked it up, confirmed the […]

Steve Jobs Biopic To Feature 1998 iMac Unveiling
The late Steve Jobs has certainly left quite an impression upon the masses, and while his life has already spawned at least one movie, there will be an upcoming biopic which will star Michael Fassbender, one of the fast rising starlets in Hollywood. In fact, the upcoming biopic is said to feature recreated scenes of the famous unveiling of the world’s first iMac – an iconic machine all the way […]