Do you think that the forms you filled out when you applied for jobs are worth anything? Probably not, but if you’re Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, then it could fetch a pretty penny, or at least that’s what this auction is hoping for where they’re auctioning off a hand-written job application from Jobs himself.

This application is dated back in 1973 and it is believed to be around the time Jobs had dropped out of Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Since personal computers and online application forms didn’t exist back then, this application was filled out by hand. It does not mention which company Jobs was applying to or what role, but the skills section does seem to suggest that it was some kind of computing company.

According to Jobs’s biography, it is said that he joined Atari in 1974 where he eventually met Apple’s other co-founder, Steve Wozniak, where they later founded Apple in 1976. Perhaps this application could have been for Atari at that time, but that’s just speculation on our end. The last time this application was auctioned off it managed to fetch $175,000. It is unclear how much it would be valued at now.

This wouldn’t be the first time something Steve Jobs related sold for so much. There was a Fortune magazine from back in the day with Jobs on the cover which was also autographed that managed to fetch $16,000 during an auction.

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