Google Smartwatch Patent Hints At Device With Dual Touchpads

It was over a month ago when we heard Google was planning to build their own smartwatch and even got to see a concept of the rumored device earlier this week, but today, a patent has surfaced that may hint at what we can expect from Google’s smartwatch.

Google’s patent, which is titled “Smart-watch with user interface features,” is for a smartwatch design that features dual touchpads, a wireless Internet connection and components that are located within the device’s wristband instead of underneath its face. The touchpad will not only be able to allow its users to perform the expected range of interactivity such as tapping, pinching and stretching gestures, but may also be completely removable as well.

Just how much of this patent would actually make it into a consumer product is to be seen, but we can’t help but to get excited about the possibility of such a device existing, especially for those of us who like the idea of Google Glass, but would rather not be seen out in public with them on. A smartwatch with many of the abilities of Google Glass would be something a lot of people would be interested in.

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