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HP TouchPad Gets Unofficial CyanogenMod 12 Port
The HP TouchPad was originally released back in 2011 before it was quickly discontinued, but for a tablet that’s about four years old, it seems that it is still going on strong and living a new life as an Android device. We have seen Android ROMs ported over onto the tablet, and last year we saw the the aging tablet still had the chops to run Android 5.0 Lollipop.Well if […]

WebOS Tablet Runs Latest Android Version
We have learned that HP’s long-discontinued webOS tablet, known as the HP TouchPad, has found a new lease of life by running on the Android mobile operating system. The HP TouchPad itself was launched all the way back in 2011, where it was subsequently discontinued just a couple of months after launch, citing disappointing sales figures as the reason behind that. In order to get rid of their remaining inventory, […]

Google Smartwatch Patent Hints At Device With Dual Touchpads
It was over a month ago when we heard Google was planning to build their own smartwatch and even got to see a concept of the rumored device earlier this week, but today, a patent has surfaced that may hint at what we can expect from Google’s smartwatch.Google’s patent, which is titled “Smart-watch with user interface features,” is for a smartwatch design that features dual touchpads, a wireless Internet connection and […]

Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 prepares for invasion
Who would have thought that a touchpad would eventually come with batteries one day? Logitech did, which is why they have just announced the Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 that was specially designed right out of the box to play nice with the Windows 8 touch interface. Upon unboxing, you will find a large, ultra-smooth glass touch-surface which supports Windows 8 gestures, and it ought to do its part to […]


Android for HP TouchPad now has front camera working
The HP TouchPad was announced some time ago, but it did not manage to last the distance in the market at all. No sir, in fact, the HP TouchPad was pulled off store shelves, virtual and in brick-and-mortar stores, leaving it as a legacy device where a small group of people have managed to make varying degrees of successful attempts to port over different operating systems to the HP TouchPad. […]

CyanogenMod 10 gets ported onto the HP TouchPad unofficially
The HP TouchPad despite having been discontinued is a pretty popular tablet. This was thanks to its fire sale which priced the device at a very affordable $99, making it not only cheaper than certain digital photo frames, but a lot more functional too. Plus the fact that it was discovered that Android ROMs could be flashed onto the device made it a much more appealing option. The good news […]

webOS 3.0.5: More source code to be released by HP
The HP TouchPad might be a chapter of HP’s history that they want to forget, but that does not mean nobody loves the no defunct tablet. In fact, HP intends to transform the webOS platform into one that will allow tablets and smartphones run on open source software, and in order to achieve that objective, they have just released more parts of webOS 3.0.5 as open source software. This move […]

HP TouchPad triple boots into webOS, Android and Arch Linux
The HP TouchPad might be as extinct as dinosaurs, but that does not mean it is dead and buried – yet. It seems that the HP TouchPad does not only run on webOS, but it is also capable of booting up in at least two more different mobile operating systems. We are talking about Google’s Android as well as a range of Linux-based operating systems that have been ported over […]

HP TouchPad receives extremely Alpha CyanogenMod 9 build
While seeing CyanogenMod 7 on the HP TouchPad is pretty great already, what would be even greater would be seeing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based CyanogenMod 9 on the HP TouchPad instead. If that’s what you’ve been looking forward to ever since you picked up at $99 HP TouchPad during its fire sale, well you’re in luck as XDA forum member dalingrin has released an extremely Alpha build of CyanogenMod […]

TouchPad update offers Siri dictation
While the masses will most probably need to sit it out until the next major version of Mac OS X delivers Siri to the Mac platform, someone out there managed to enable its dictation capabilities to function with the Mac and PC immediately, thanks to Edovia’s TouchPad app that will run on iOS devices. The TouchPad is actually a $4.99 app that will work with your iPad and iPhone, transforming […]

HP TouchPad will be sold to developers for $149.99
While HP may or may not have plans to revive their webOS platform in the future, they have claimed that they will continue to support the platform and are apparently trying to attract more developers to the platform. They are attempting to achieve this by offering the discontinued HP TouchPad to developers for $149.99 via the HP TouchPad Device Purchase Program.

HP TouchPad gets a new Android ROM from Team Xron
If you’re keen on putting Android on your HP TouchPad, you won’t be limited to using only CyanogenMod. A team named Team Xron has put together a new Android custom ROM for the tablet, using a modified version of CyanogenMod. This version of Android from Team Xron features more elements from the original Android Honeycomb as opposed to CyanogenMod.

HP TouchPad tests Windows 8
Who would have thought that the now defunct HP TouchPad could actually still see some use – where the HP hardware team has been caught testing the Windows 8 Preview Edition on the HP TouchPad, which has seen its market price plummet to $99 in an effort to get rid of the inventory soonest possible shortly after the announcement of its discontinuation was made. Of course, this will naturally lead […]

HP releases OTA update for TouchPad
HP may have decided to call it quits with their webOS devices, but it looks like they will still be providing support for it, although as to how much longer remains unknown. The good news is that for early adopters of HP’s TouchPad and who are actually using the tablet for webOS as opposed to waiting for its Android port, HP has issued an OTA update for the tablet today.

Find out how to install CyanogenMod on your TouchPad
When HP bid farewell to webOS, people weren’t too worried about future support for the TouchPad thanks to the strong developer community. One of these groups were in charged with bringing Android over to the HP TouchPad via the famous CyanogenMod custom ROM. Well, they’ve successfully managed to port over an alpha build of the platform over to the TouchPad which is far from fully functional, but still usable though […]

HP TouchPad hits 1,000 apps, users get more free apps
On the official HP Palm blog today, it was announced that the webOS App Catalog now has a thousand HP TouchPad-optimized apps available (the app store already has thousands of apps, but they aren’t all developed specifically for the tablet). The thousandth app on the App Catalog? Gun Bros, a free to play 3rd person shooter. And just like the company has been doing over the past few weeks, this […]

HP TouchPad Go clears the FCC, HP gearing for launch?
Now we have some potentially good news for folks who didn’t manage to pick up the HP ToucPad after HP decided to slash its price to $99 – there is a chance that you might be able to pick up the TouchPad’s smaller brother – the TouchPad Go. According to reports online, it appears that the 7″ webOS tablet has paid a visit to the office of the FCC and […]

HP releases more TouchPad promo codes for Splashtop Remote Desktop HD
Interested in more free apps for your TouchPad tablet? Good news, especially if you’re looking for a way to control your desktop computer using your tablet. HP is now giving away promo codes for Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, an app which lets you do just that. HP had given away codes to the app previously but it was snapped up within a few hours, and now it looks like it […]

Unreleased HP webOS devices spotted in the wild
HP might be done with producing anymore webOS devices after its final batch of TouchPad tablets, but that doesn’t mean that existing devices that have already been purchased are going to disappear. Like the legendary white HP TouchPad that went on sale across the Atlantic but not stateside. The folks over at Engadget managed to spot the white European HP TouchPad, the black TouchPad 4G for AT&T, and the Pre […]

Final batch of HP TouchPads to go to HP employees first
It looks like HP Employees will have something to cheer about – HP has sent out an email to its employees, informing them that they’ll be able to purchase at least one tablet each from the final batch of the company’s discontinued webOS tablet, the TouchPad. Starting September 28th at 9am PT, HP employees will be able to use the EPP (Employee Purchase Program) store to buy the $99 16GB […]