Are smart watches the new gadget of the future? There have been several smart watches released in the past, but it hasn’t gotten to the point where everybody needs and wants one, kind of like how tablets and smartphones first started out, now look where we are. While we’re not sure if smart watches will ever reach that level, it seems that some big name companies are interested in creating them, and according to a post by The Financial Times, Google is one of them and if the report is to be believed, the search engine giant is currently working on a smart watch of their own.

Interestingly this rumor has come about the same time that rumors of an Apple iWatch have been running rampant. Not to mention it was only recently that Samsung’s VP confirmed that the South Korean manufacturer would be attempting to make a smart watch of their own. According to The Financial Times’ source, the smart watch is currently in development by Google’s Android unit and is meant to be an extension to smartphones running the Android operating system. Their source was unable to confirm when this alleged Google smart watch will launch, but what do you guys think of a Google smart watch?

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