Nexus Q Will Reportedly Not Be Revived At I/O 2013


Google unveiled the Nexus Q at last year’s I/O conference and though the device garnered sufficient buzz initially, its sales were stopped after approximately one month. Google said back then that it would relaunch the product with some changes later, but that is not going to happen at I/O 2013, this according to a report by AllThingsD.

Google I/O 2013 starts from Wednesday and the company is expected, as always, to make hardware related announcements. A new Nexus 7 tablet, slightly updated Nexus 4 and Motorola X Phone have all been rumored, and in weeks leading up to the conference, Nexus Q is the only device that hasn’t been in the rumors. The Nexus Q is a media streaming device with direct access to Google Play Store. It was also designed to work flawlessly with Android devices over Wi-FI and NFC. The design itself was praised by many, as well as the fact that Google was going to manufacture this device exclusively in the U.S. If this latest report is to be believed, which cites people familiar with the matter, than Google really isn’t reviving the Nexus Q almost an year after it was buried. I sure hope that it was.

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Key SpecsGoogle Nexus 4
Display Diagonal4.7"
Processor/Soc NameSnapdragon, 4-core, 1.5 GHz
Street Price (Approx)~ $160
Search low Google Nexus 4 price (Amazon)
Max. Total Storage Capacity16 GB
Megapixels8 MP
Battery Capacity (mAh)2100 mAh
Complete product dataGoogle Nexus 4 Full specs and details

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