At I/O 2012, Google launched the Nexus Q media player, however it was short lived. The company yanked Nexus Q, vowing to reintroduce it in the future. Prior to Google I/O 2013 it was rumored that the company won’t be introducing its revamped media player at the conference, which it definitely did not. However, a new media player device made by Google has stopped by the FCC for approval. Called the Google H840 device, it is said to function “as a media player.”

Usually with FCC filings we’re able to get product drawings, if not actual images. There’s nothing of the sort which relates to H840, no instruction manuals, specifications or pictures. It is shown in the test reports that the device does support 802.11b/g/n, not exactly a shocking revelation. The H840 was also tested by being connected to a 24 inch Dell monitor, which is reason enough to believer that it’s not an iPod-esque media player. Google’s alleged new media player carries a H2G2-42 model number, and there’s no saying when the company will officially announce it. What do you think, a revamped Nexus Q or a new product altogether?

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