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Nexus Q Android 4.4 Unofficial KitKat Update Released
The Nexus Q is a Google device that failed to take off. This media streaming sphere was unveiled last year at the Google I/O, and soon after making it official, the company decided that it won’t continue to sell it. However, there are a generous number of Nexus Q units out in the wild, and despite the fact that they shipped with Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed and aren’t supported by […]

Google Play Movies For Android Updated, Nexus Q Support Pulled
The new Google Play Movies for Android app was updated, it brings a new layout and visual design as well as a new Watch Now feature. Support for Nexus Q has been pulled.

Google's Alleged New Nexus Q Like Media Player Stops By FCC
Google has submitted a new media player device to the FCC for approval, this is believed to be the revamped Nexus Q.

Google Play Music Not Compatible With Nexus Q
It was yesterday when we brought you live coverage of Google I/O, and also news concerning Google Play Music All Access that looks set to offer stiff competition to music streaming services in the market. Well, you might be all excited about Google Play Music All Access, but do spare a minute of silence for our good friend, the Google Nexus Q which was announced in June last year before […]


Nexus Q Will Reportedly Not Be Revived At I/O 2013
Google unveiled the Nexus Q at last year’s I/O conference and though the device garnered sufficient buzz initially, its sales were stopped after approximately one month. Google said back then that it would relaunch the product with some changes later, but that is not going to happen at I/O 2013, this according to a report by AllThingsD.Google I/O 2013 starts from Wednesday and the company is expected, as always, to […]

Nexus Q Is No Longer Available
The Google Nexus Q which was announced at the Google I/O conference last year, did bring a flicker of hope to the US manufacturing sector just for a while as it is proudly made in the USA, but I guess any kind of optimism would be stamped out upon hearing this bit of news. The Google Play product page for the Nexus Q is now labeled with “This device is […]

Google Nexus Q not for sale at the moment
No company is capable of churning out home run after home run, even if your name is of a certain fruit, or if you are the world’s first and foremost authority where searching on the Internet is concerned. Google has long branched out to hardware, where their Google Nexus Q was announced some months back, but it seems that the Nexus Q might be slated for obsolescence. This comes as […]

Nexus Q delayed, but pre-orders get it for free
You may remember the Google Nexus Q from our coverage of Google IO in San Francisco. It’s a multimedia device that connects to your home theater system and TV to deliver multimedia streams from an Android device. Well, Google has listened to the early user feedback and has decided to postpone the Nexus Q indefinitely, which means until it is ready. To sweeten this setback in the schedule, the company […]

Nexus Q listed as being out of stock again
A couple of days ago, we reported that the Nexus Q was listed as being in stock in the Google Play store. However it seems that the device might have proven itself to be much more popular than Google had anticipated as it has once again been listed as out of stock. It is unclear if this is due to the device being crazy popular, or if it is because […]

Google updates Nexus Q, YouTube, and Play Movies & TV App
Google is rolling out a string of updates today, particularly for its Nexus Q, YouTube app, and Play Movies & TV apps. So what’s exactly new with the Nexus Q app? Version now supports earlier system versions of Android as well as improvements to the social mix (guest mode) feature. The YouTube app, on the other hand, is now updated to support Nexus Q on Android 4.0 and above […]

Nexus Q stock sold out
It was just yesterday when we brought you word that the Nexus Q from Google is in stock and available for order, and just like politics, 24 hours is a very long time – and during that time period, it seemed that demand for the Nexus Q was so high, the audio sphere is already out of stock over at Googe Play, now how about that? This hugely positive response […]

Nexus Q in stock at the Google Play Store
The Nexus Q was unveiled at this year’s Google I/O conference, and while it’s pretty limited with what it can do right out of the box, it still has some appeal due to its hackability. Well, if you’re one of those curious people who want to pick up one to play around with, you’re in luck. According to reports online, the Nexus Q is now in stock at the Google […]

Nexus Q gets CyanogenMod 9
While most of us were wondering why didn’t Google just make the Nexus Q a full-blown Android device, developer Jason Parker decided to do something about it instead. He managed to install CyanogenMod 9 onto the Nexus Q turning it into an impressive little sphere. However, as usual with most initial builds of Android custom ROMs, not everything is fully functional at the moment. Bluetooth and WiFi seem to be […]

Nexus Q hack gives you home replacement launcher, new apps including Netflix
The Nexus Q was announced back two weeks ago at Google I/O  and if you were an attendee you got one for free yourself. Although the device looks pretty cool, it doesn’t have much functionality out of the box. You’re pretty much limited to Google Play and Youtube content when it comes what you’re able to stream to your TV or speakers. KornyOne, a member over at the XDA Developer Forums, has […]