nexus_qIt was yesterday when we brought you live coverage of Google I/O, and also news concerning Google Play Music All Access that looks set to offer stiff competition to music streaming services in the market. Well, you might be all excited about Google Play Music All Access, but do spare a minute of silence for our good friend, the Google Nexus Q which was announced in June last year before getting the axe early this January.

In fact, it was also a few days ago when we reported that the Nexus Q will not be resurrected in any way at this year’s edition of Google I/O, and boy did that rumor come true. Thing is, Google Play Music All Access is not going to support the Nexus Q, which means you can more or less relegate the Nexus Q into the scrapheap, or place it on your mantle as a museum piece amidst your other “retired” technological wonders you have collected over the years. Goodbye Nexus Q, we hardly knew you.

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