Nexus QIt was just yesterday when we brought you word that the Nexus Q from Google is in stock and available for order, and just like politics, 24 hours is a very long time – and during that time period, it seemed that demand for the Nexus Q was so high, the audio sphere is already out of stock over at Googe Play, now how about that? This hugely positive response is a wave that Google should ride on and make the most out of the situation, although we do wonder whether Google set aside more than enough Nexus Q devices in its initial allotment – if Google had looked at a rather large figure initially, then a case of it being sold out is definitely cause to celebrate, but if there were just a bunch of Nexus Q available for sale to gauge market interest, then the achievement does not seem too notable any more. Well, will you be one of those who are looking forward to installing the Nexus Q in your homes?


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