Alleged iOS 7 Screenshot Leaked [Rumor]

ios7We’re sure many of you guys are wondering what iOS 7 might look like, even though some of you might be hardcore Android/Windows Phone/Blackberry users, especially since the rumors are saying that iOS 7 could be getting the long overdue visual overhaul that everyone has been waiting for the past few years. Well according to the folks at iDownloadblog, they claim to have gotten their hands on a alleged leaked image of what they say could be the new iOS 7 with its “flatter” design. The folks at 9to5 Mac have also corroborated this with a tweet of their own of the same image, albeit it is slightly edited to remove certain aspects of the photo.

According to iDownloadblog, “When you look at the current state of stock apps icons, it seems that all of them were designed by different teams. Most of them have a different look. They don’t have unified features that tie them all up together. Some of them have a gloss effect. Some of them don’t. Some of them have borders. Some of them don’t, etc…From what we’ve seen, we believe Jony Ive’s touch on iOS 7 will homogenize the look of Apple’s stock apps icons.” In all honesty this is hardly the visual overhaul many were expecting, but it should be noted that these are apparently an early alpha of the operating system, meaning that it is far from complete and the final design could end up being very different. Of course all of this hinges on whether the image above is the real deal to begin with, of course.

Now in a bid to play devil’s advocate, it does not take a Photoshop genius to be able to deduce that the image looks like a very probable fake. For starters the home screen looks angled and cut off at the edges, which would definitely not be the case if this was a legitimate version of the operating system running on an iPhone. Of course it is possible that the image in the iPhone was taken using the iPhone’s camera from another device, like a computer for example, which could explain the angled perspective, but even if it were properly aligned and as is with the case of Apple rumors, they are often best taken with a grain of salt, so make what you will of this image for now, but in the meantime what do you guys think?

Read more about iOS 7 and Leaked. Source: idownloadblog

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