xbox-one-designPricing on Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One respectively, have yet to be announced, although as far as the Xbox One is concerned, a recent sighting on Amazon Germany has pegged the console at 599 EUR. While it does seem pricey, it should be noted that because it comes bundled with the Kinect, it would understandably be a bit more expensive, or would it? Well according to analyst Michael Pachter, perhaps 599 EUR might not be the price we can expect. According to his predictions, both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One will be priced below the $400 price point, with him pegging the PS4 at $349.99, and the Xbox One at $399.99, just $0.01 shy of his prediction.

So why those price points? For the PS4, Pachter thinks that Sony has learnt from their “mistake” with the PS3 and its $599 debut price which according to him, has “negatively impacted its long-term popularity”. The Xbox One’s price on the other hand seems to follow the price of the Xbox 360 Pro when it made its debut back in the day. While these are certainly price points which seem more attractive, these are only the predictions of an analyst so for all we know, Sony and Microsoft might announce something completely different. Either way what do you guys think of those prices? Fair?

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