xbox-oneThe other day Microsoft took the wraps off the new Xbox One, although the company failed to mention when we might be able to expect the device in terms of a specific date, and how much the console could cost. Well according to a listing on Amazon Germany, it seems that they have priced the Xbox One console at 599 EUR, meaning that there is a good chance it could come priced at $599 when it arrives stateside. Of course since this is hardly an official announcement of sorts, we expect those prices to change at a later date, unless of course Microsoft is planning for the Xbox One to cost $599.

While the price might seem more expensive than Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PS4, which according to a pulled page from Sony India, might cost 399 EUR, it should be taken into consideration that the Xbox One will come bundled with the new Kinect as well, which we guess will add to the price. Either way don’t take this price as it is now, but check back with us at a later date for the details, or perhaps even during E3 where Microsoft might have more information to share.

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