Apple 1 To Go On Auction At Christie’s

apple1We have seen our fair share of news concerning an autographed version of the Apple I computer going for auction, seemingly breaking new records each time it goes under the hammer. Right now, we have caught whiff of one of the very first Apple I computers to be made which will be auctioned off online by Christie’s of New York from June 24 to July 9, with the final price expected to fetch approximately half a million dollars, and who knows, it might even go higher than that?

Just last month, an Apple 1 sold by a German auction house for $671,400, and with a total of just 200 Apple I’s manufactured, you can be quite sure that this is one hot ticket item. The grand-daddy of all other Apple products certainly does not look as polished as its descendants today, and neither will it amount to much in terms of computing with its 8 kilobytes of memory. It is estimated that approximately 30 to 50 Apple I systems are still in existence at this point in time. How much do you think will the winning bid be for this Apple I?

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