apple-1-auctionWhenever there is a demand for something, you can more or less bet your bottom dollar that the price will go up – if the supply is scarce. What if that particular object has historical as well as cultural significance? This is why an early Apple device known as the Apple 1 which was sold by the late Steve Jobs right from his parents’ garage all those years ago has been valued in the region of $400,000 all the way to $600,000 as it is auctioned off in New York later next month.

According to Christie’s, this particular Apple 1 happens to be the remaining piece of computer that has been documented to have been sold directly by Steve Jobs to a customer in Los Altos, California, all those years ago. The sale will happen in New York on December 11th, and it has long been hailed to carry a historical significance because it was the first pre-assembled personal computer to have been sold.

The estimated value mentioned above makes it one of the highest pre-sale estimate to date when it comes to an Apple-1 offered at auction, and chances are it will not see any reduction in the near future if it happens to go under the hammer once again.

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