JFK’s Limo License Plate Auctioned Off For $100,000

President John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States and it has been more than half a century ago when he was assassinated. Despite it being so long ago, the case still holds a lot of mystery and conspiracy as well as interest to people from all walks of life. In fact recently it seems that the license plate of the limo that was carrying Kennedy when […]

Stadium Events Auction Close To $36k Figure Now

A mint edition of an unopened Stadium Events video game that was meant to work with the NES all those years ago has attracted a whole lot of attention – so much so that the eBay auction in which this video game is being peddled has already touched the $35,300 mark (as at press time). What makes this particular copy of the video game so rare and desirable? Well, it […]

Super Rare Unopened NES Game To Go On Auction

The law of supply and demand works in this simple manner – if there is too much supply and very little demand, the price will naturally plummet. However, if supply is extremely limited and demand is high, you can more or less expect to fork out a premium for said device. The free market forces at work have seen some pretty wild auctions appear where the world of tech is […]

Ronald Wayne Auctions Off Private Document Collection

When it comes to Apple as a company, most people would know of the two people – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but there is a third person who was also a co-founder of Apple, and that would be the extremely low profile Ronald Wayne. He too, played an instrumental role when it comes to the earliest days of the company that has a $700 billion market capitalization, and this […]


Historic Batmobile Goes Under The Hammer

Just like how there are new models of vehicles from time to time in order to keep up with the times, along comes new Batmobile models with each new iteration of the Batman movie. Having said that, the classic Batmobile is now up for auction, where this particular four wheeler has been specially styled to look like the one found in the original Batman comics. If you intend to own […]

Apple 1 Sold By Steve Jobs To Be Auctioned Off In December

Whenever there is a demand for something, you can more or less bet your bottom dollar that the price will go up – if the supply is scarce. What if that particular object has historical as well as cultural significance? This is why an early Apple device known as the Apple 1 which was sold by the late Steve Jobs right from his parents’ garage all those years ago has […]

Sam Sung’s Apple Store Business Card Goes On eBay

Word surfaced a couple of years ago concerning an Apple employee who goes by the name of Sam Sung (yes, I know, isn’t it simply ironic?) happened to be earning his chops at an Apple Store over in Canada. He happened to be a “specialist”, which is a position that allowed him to tote around an official Apple Store business card. Needless to say, I am quite sure that he […]

Integrated Circuit Prototype Auction Remains Unsold

Some time in the middle of last week, we did bring you word that the world’s first integrated circuit prototype by Jack Kilby will be going under the hammer over at revered auction house Christie’s, but it seems that the response to this piece of technological history has proved to be more lukewarm that striking hot. I suppose the original iPhone’s $15,000 sale on eBay had a way higher chance […]

Jack Kilby’s Integrated Circuit Prototype Goes Under The Hammer At Christie’s

I guess you can say that if the integrated circuit (IC) was never invented, just about everything digital that we see and make use of today would not be in existence. Of course, the far reaching consequences of that would not be limited to just GPS navigation devices, a smartphone with its SoC, the notebook and desktop, but other appliances around the house such as the living room TV, microwave […]

Pope’s Harley-Davidson Motorbike Sold In Paris Auction

A person’s reputation certainly has value attached to it – as to whether this perceived value lies in positive or negative territory, that depends a whole lot on that particular individual’s life as well as the choices that he or she makes to impact the world around. Case in point – a Harley-Davidson motorbike which went underneath the hammer yesterday was sold for nearly 20 times its estimated value, all […]

White Xbox One Auctioned Off For $11,300

Remember how we talked about an extremely rare white Xbox One that made an appearance over on eBay not too long ago, where this next generation console was offered by Microsoft’s Xbox Live’s programming head Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb? Well, the whole idea of placing this rare Xbox One model on auction would be to raise dough for the Wounded Warrior Project. Apparently, this particular auction has finally ended, where […]

Apple 1 Computer Sold At Auction Could Be Worth Far More

The auctioned Apple 1 computer could be a steal.

Submersible James Bond Car Put Up For Auction

The Lotus Esprit that could go underwater is going to be auctioned off this September in London.

Apple 1 To Go On Auction At Christie’s

Another Apple I would go underneath the hammer next week at Christie’s in New York.