Foursquare users have been tagging themselves to anywhere and everywhere they please over the years, but one feature many people have been wanting ever since the application was launched was the ability to check in your friends if you all happen to be at the same place. Foursquare has certainly noticed as over 90% of mentions typically include a person you’re currently with, and today, they’re allowing people to check in their friends.

The process of checking in your friends is easy as you’ll first check into whatever it is you and your friends are doing, then proceed to tap the “I’m with…” option to add people you’re with. Once you complete your check in that includes mentions of your friends, they’ll receive a notification asking them for permission to allow you to check them in. Accepting the notification will automatically check them in, and as a result, will give you access to automatically check them in from then on.

If for some reason you would prefer to not be checked in by your friend after you’ve accepted a previous check in, Foursquare provides you a delete button so you can remove a check in from your account. Notifications will always pop up when your friend checks you in, so you’ll still be able to control who checks you in at what location.

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