Ubisoft Motion Pictures announced at E3 that it is joining forces with Michael Bay, director of the much acclaimed Transformer series, to produce a movie that revolves around Ghost Recon games. They’ve not exactly shared details about the movie itself just yet, only the announcement of this partnership was made at E3. Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures said that having Michael Bay attached to Ghost Recon movie project is a “dream come true” for them.

Even though they’ve made the announcement, we can’t exactly be sure that the movie will come out until it actually comes out. Many movies based on popular games are announced but quite a few of them never see the light of day. Having Michael Bay on board is a good thing nonetheless, not only is he the fourth highest grossing director in Hollywood, he’s pretty talented when it comes to movies with amazing action sequences and big, bad explosions. The Transformers series is a testament of that talent. Lets see if in the coming months Ubisoft Motion Pictures reveals any more details about this movie, we’d love to know which stars will be acting in it.

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