Huge robotic alien lifeforms that can take on just about any mechanical form or structure here on earth? Sounds like a great idea for a money spinner, and in a sense, that has been proven with Hasbro’s line of Transformers toys, in addition to the three movies from Michael Bay that provided loud and brash popcorn fare over the past years. How about the video game take on the Transformers line? Not too hot, but I suppose there is more than enough mileage in it to have yet another title, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, hit the PS3 in due time.

Enjoy the trailer above, where the final game claims to offer you a wide variety of unique characters and a rich assortment of big environments in order to make full use of the Transformers’ transforming gameplay. Transforming, tight shooting controls, melee, flying, combining, stealth, grappling, you name it, it is all in there in the game itself. Of course, what’s fantastic gameplay without a good story to back it up? Hopefully the lofty sounding claims will be able to live up to our expectations when Transformers: Fall of Cybertron arrives on the PS3 this August 28th.

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