nokia-phablet-rumorIt was just yesterday when we were talking about how Nokia has plans to roll out a couple of phablets later this fall, which will be accompanied by a cheap Lumia 920, and here we are with an additional word on what could very well be a potential branch of Nokia devices down the road. While it has been established yesterday that the new Lumia phablet could arrive with a screen size that measures anywhere from 5.5” to 6”, apart from a camera that has similar hardware to that of the existing Nokia Lumia 925, additional whispers of yet another Lumia phablet could be launching later next February 2014.

What do you think February 2014 will bring with a brand new Nokia phablet? I would like to think that a lot of it would hinge on how the first Nokia Lumia phablet would do when it has launched, as subsequent models normally make the cut if its predecessor has done a pretty good job remaining afloat. Still, a February 2014 release date is not too far away, so one can expect to see more rumors or leaked images concerning the device(s) in the near future. It might even come in a Valentine’s Day edition, who knows?

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