xboxone-nasaRemember the home SETI program, where you hooked up your desktop computer with the rest of the world to provide additional computing power in the search for extraterrestrial lifeform? Well, it is time to “graduate” from that, as Xbox One developers have worked together alongside NASA in order to simulate a whopping 35,000 light years of space. Yes sir, at the recently concluded E3 2013 in Los Angeles, California, the Xbox One developers shared a tech demo that was created with the help of NASA in order to push the technical limits of what Microsoft’s Geoff Henshaw has dubbed, the system’s “pure horsepower.”

The main goal is to maximize the pure computational horsepower of the new console, and Henshaw shared, So we went to NASA, because NASA has this really cool database. It has every single celestial body in the inner solar system, including planets, moons, asteroids, comets. The result is a tech demo simulation of space based on out to 35 thousand light years of data which tracks the position, velocity and orbital trajectory of every single subset of asteroids between Mars and Pluto. Each of the 40,000 asteroids are calculated and rendered, presenting its time and place to a high degree of accuracy.”

When you compare it to the Xbox One, it is said that to obtain a similar result, it would take up to 10 and a half Xbox 360 consoles, working in parallel, now how about that? If you are wondering whether to get the Xbox One or Sony PS4, why not read on what we have to say about it?

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