It seems that earlier this morning, a new trailer for Battlefield 4’s new Battlelog was leaked, but since then, the official trailer has been made available. The thing is, this particular trailer will require you to key in your birth date in order to verify that you are old enough to view it, according to the ratings of the game. This particular trailer does show off its fair share of integration between mobile and tablet devices, including the ability to customize your loadout that will ensure you remain cocked, locked and ready to roll the moment the game kicks off. Apart from that, a compatible tablet would be able to double up as a mini-map, in addition to being the tool you use to launch attack points. Does this seem to be the kind of game that would appeal to you, with its different “managerial options” such as Battlelog?

We have seen leaked hardware specifications for Battlefield 4 for the PC sometime at the beginning of this week, but those were eventually found out to be nothing more than placeholders.

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