If you’re looking forward to learning more about the next Battlefield game, then you might want to mark your calendars for June. This is because according to a tweet by the official Battlefield account, it seems that the company is planning to make an announcement next month, but what exactly it will be is unclear.

EA had previously confirmed that there will be a new Battlefield game coming in 2021, but stopped short of mentioning a release date or when additional information will be available. EA’s CEO did say that more will be shared during spring, which means that it should be this month by the latest, but now the June date suggests that the announcement could have been postponed.

Many are expecting that a trailer for the game, either cinematic or gameplay, will arrive this month, but like we said, the June teaser seems to hint that maybe EA has pushed their plans back a bit. Either way, we’re almost towards the end of the second week of May, so even if the announcement does take place in June, it’s not that long of a wait.

Unlike Activision’s Call of Duty which is released almost every year, the Battlefield franchise isn’t an annual event, although both games do compete closely with each other. There have also been rumors suggesting that one of the new features of the 2021 Battlefield could be similar to Call of Duty’s “perks”.

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