Hmmm, we were there when Google’s $35 Chromecast dongle was announced to the world, and managed to share a demo walkthrough of it for those who were unable to attend the live event. A couple of days after the Chromecast announcement, we learned that the Chromecast app for Android was released, followed by confirmation of Chromecast support for Google TV. Of course, at such an attractive price point of $35 a pop, the Chromecast’s special offer of being accompanied by 3 months’ worth of free Netflix access was quickly snapped up, and not long after, we heard that Chromecast had already been rooted. Well, what is the latest about Chromecast today that warrants a spot of coverage? Apparently, a Gameboy emulator has been programmed to run on Chromecast.

In fact, it runs natively on the Chromecast device, but do bear in mind that it will still be shown off in a browser window, where you make use of the buttons on your computer’s keyboard to control the gameplay. I guess it would work just fine, considering how the Chromecast’s innards has a whole lot more processing muscle compared to the original Gameboy, but there is still a slight delay in the controls to get used to. Those who are interested can check out the source code and instructions to run this Gameboy emulator on Chromecast at Github.

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