So Google’s Chromecast was just announced earlier this morning, and here we are with a video of the Chromecast demo for your viewing pleasure. Basically, Chromecast works great whenever your eyes come across the special “Cast” button. For instance, whenever you are watching a YouTube clip on your device and would prefer to check it out on a large screen TV instead of on a tiny phone (relatively speaking), and pressing the “Cast” button that appears on top will send it to a corresponding, connected device. From there, you are able to control the volume levels, in addition to video control such as pause and playback.

Apart from that, while your device is playing back a video on your TV via Chromecast, you can still perform other tasks on your smartphone or tablet without having to interrupt the YouTube playback. In a nutshell, if you know how to use YouTube on your handset, you can also use YouTube on the TV, too. How many TV remote controls are able to offer such flexibility, where Chromecast will do its best to stream from the cloud directly while you work using other apps. Even in Sleep Mode, it simply works without adding more strain on your battery. Chromecast works with iOS or Android devices without missing a beat.

Hopefully this quick demo of Chromecast would give you a better idea on what to expect with this $35 purchase.

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