Yesterday at its Breakfast with Sundar Pichai event, Google announced Chromecast, a HDMI dongle that is capable of mirroring content from nearby devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers. The dongle itself is powered by a simplified version of Google’s Chrome OS. It will work with apps that have a special “Cast” button, pressing it will allow users to mirror the content from their devices to their TV screens. Google today released the official Chromecast app for Android, it lets users configure all Chromecast dongles that they own.

Given the fact that it just costs $35, and you need one for every TV that you’ve got, there’s a big change that many customers will have ordered more than one unit. The app is therefore necessarily to manage all Chromecast dongles that you may have. Users can manage the dongles’ settings such as change its name or enter a new password for the Wi-Fi. The app will definitely be needed the first time you fire up Chromecast, after that there’s not much that can be achieved through it. The official Chromecast app is now available for download from Google Play Store.

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